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Here at Souters Sports we believe that the correct renovations practices are just as important as the construction itself, in ensuring that you’re playing surface remains in a quality condition for years to come.
This practice can easily be, and often is, overlooked, particularly on newly constructed or drained facilities which will eventually lead to their deterioration.
Choosing the right renovations programme is of paramount importance to ensure that your playing surface is brought back to its optimal condition and ready for the challenges of the new season and should be planned along with a thorough maintenance regime.

With sports facilities usage on the increase the wear and tear of a heavy season will have taken it’s toll on your playing surface and the time window for recovery gets ever smaller, therefore, choosing both the correct practices and the timing are critical.
At Souters Sports we pride ourselves in combining our knowledge and experience with an impressive range of machinery and experienced operators to be able to cater for all aspects of renovations practices and with a dedicated workforce we aim to carry out such operations when our clients demand them.

With the ever increasing pressures placed upon modern day ground staff, as players demand quality playing surfaces at all levels of play throughout the season, we have worked alongside some of the UK’s leading sports turf consultants in ensuring that such demand is met and quality surfaces are produced and maintained.
We cater for all levels of the spectrum, from local club pitches right up to the professional elite and our management teams are dedicated to tailoring the right programme to suit your needs and your budget.