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Bowling Greens

bowling_smallWe are the UK's leading company specialising in the construction of Crown Green Bowling Greens, as well as their reconstruction and repair. Our portfolio includes an impressive list of satisfied clients as well as work funded through the National Lottery. Our philosophy is to build to a very high specification and standard only using the best materials available and equipment such as laser levellers.

Recent greens constructed include the Liverpool Vauxhall Millennium Green, British Aerospace (Flintshire), South Kirkby Miners Welfare (Yorkshire), Newcastle upon Clun BC (Shropshire) and Wednesfield Conservative Club (Midlands).


Souters Sports are renowned for their attention to detail when it comes to knowing about fine turf which comes from over 50 years of experience in the industry. A most important maintenance activity throughout the year and we offer a comprehensive service with our machines. Depending on conditions either thatch removal, thatch control blades, wire tires or contra-rotating brush would be fitted.

Slitting during the playing season helps maintain air to the roots while coring is very important in the autumn, to reduce thatch and improve drainage. We use our powerful punch action machine.

Do you suffer from severe compaction problems?

Verti-Draining could be the answer. This technique is well established on golf courses and our own wide experience has proved how effective it is for bowling greens. Greens ranging from those always being waterlogged to others that have felt like walking on concrete have been instantly transformed. The Verti-draining equipment is tractor mounted and drives tines into the green 10" deep and then tilts them. This action is similar to thrusting a fork full depth into the ground and then pulling on the handle, breaks the underground "pan". Since it is done in lieu of either hollow or solid tining, when compared against those costs the extra is only small for a solution to a problem!

Top Dressing is the key to next year's successful Green!

Our Top Dressing is normally supplied as a 70:30 sand soil mixture, although different ratios are available to special order. The dressing uses grade 50 sand, which after mixing with loam, is heat-treated to a specific temperature. This heat process ensures that all the weed seeds are killed, but the organic matter in the loam is maintained. Quality is very important and the dressing we use conforms to BS5750 and ISO 9000 Quality standards and meets all published recommendations. The final product is sieved below 2.5 mm in the final production stage, and exceptionally dry, making it easy to spread and ideal for machine application.


We were the first Company to supply Top Dressing in Big Bags and now virtually all our customers use them because they offer the following advantages:

● Cost savings
● Polythene liner to keep dressing dry
● Crane off loading
● Unlike small 25 KGs bags cannot grow legs at night!
If required, Top Dressing can be supplied in either bulk or 25 KGs bags.

Top dressing machine application

Top dressing can be put on manually; however, to obtain the best results it needs to be applied evenly. Our specifically designed Met-R-Matic machine gives these benefits:

● A consistent and even application over the whole green.
● Saves members trying to manually spread 3 or 4 tons!
● Fast and efficient, averaging under two hours for a green.

Grass Seed and Overseeding

It is important to overseed a green each autumn because the seed heads of bowling green grasses i.e. Fescue and Bent are nearly a foot long so normal mowing prevents them from seeding.We supply the finest seed, as well as providing a machine sowing service for greens in the need of urgent renovation.Timing The best time for overseeding is September, when the soil is warm enough to promote fast germination and allow sufficient time for establishment before any autumn frosts. Application Seed can be applied with a fertiliser spreader. Unfortunately if the green is compacted the emerging roots are unable to penetrate the soil. The best results are achieved with a machine seeder, such as our Sisis Autoseeder.

Automatic Irrigation Sprinklers:

Automatic sprinklers are essential for maintaining a green in good condition for the whole season. We provide a complete service and with many systems installed at Clubs as well as for Local Authorities. To ensure the best system, sprinklers and computer controllers come from RAINBIRD, who are market leaders, and pumps which ensure superior performance and
Exceptional long-term service. Clubs can Save Money Sprinklers are a major investment, however, we offer two cost saving options which can save up to £2,000.


Below is just a selection of equipment we can supply. Phone us for any special requirement.

● Lloyds "Paladin" Mowers
● Walkover Sprayers
● Sisis Scarifiers
● Cyclone Fertiliser Spreaders
● Groundsman Corer
● Switch Sticks
● Sarrel Rollers
● Drag Mats

Soil Analysis:

Essential for bowling-green care and management is knowledge of what the soil contains. Soil analysis was expensive, but our special rate with ADAS, the Country's largest laboratories, means levels of Phosphates, Potash and Magnesium and pH can be determined for under £25 + VAT. Already 200 greens have been analysed. The procedure is simple. Telephone for our pack containing instructions, self seal bag and pre-printed envelope and we return the results with our recommendations.