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Artificial surface maintenance


Souters Maintenance Services, a division of Souters Sports Ltd, can ensure that your artificial sports pitch is always maintained to the highest of standards, which will result in an improved performance, extended surface life as well as an increase in revenue for your facility.

Synthetic grass pitches have now been around for over 30 years and have become an essential part of any sports centre, school, football club etc. Synthetic sports pitches were originally sold as maintenance-free surfaces', however time has shown this not to be the case. Although requiring significantly less maintenance than a natural grass pitch, without routine maintenance the playing characteristics and performance will inevitably deteriorate.

There are a variety of reasons why synthetic playing surfaces will drop-off in performance, mainly:

• Compaction of the infill material.
• Contamination from the environment, air, surrounding trees, birds etc.
• Breakdown of the yarn.
• Abuse and damage.

Souters Maintenance Services offer a complete package from initial site-survey and report on the condition of a pitch to a comprehensive maintenance package. With over 25 years experience of construction and maintenance of synthetic grass pitches Souters Maintenance Services have all of the expertise and knowledge to advise on the best solution for your facility.

A simple programme of maintenance will reduce the effects of the above and catch a possible problem early and before it becomes a major costly problem and in some cases lead to the replacement of the synthetic surface.

Preventative Maintenance:

sms_machines_037It is essential that from the time of installation, the correct maintenance regime is implemented for the synthetic pitch, in order to get the maximum life from your facility. Souters Maintenance Services can offer help and advice in formulating the correct programme tailored for your needs.

Cleaning - It is inevitable that a synthetic grass sports pitch will get dirty and contaminated by a variety of things, from natural elements of weather, dust, bird droppings, general litter and the breakdown of the carpet fibres and sand. The basic operation of removing the debris, dirt and contamination from the surface of a pitch will enhance the playing characteristics and the performance of the pitch.

Grooming or Raking - Pitches which have an infill of either sand or sand and rubber, depend on the infill material for the performance of that surface, whether it is simply to hold the carpet fibres upright to maximise the life of the surface, to enhance the drainage properties or replicate the performance of natural turf. The infill is a very important element of a synthetic grass pitch system. Regular grooming or raking of the surface will keep the infill evenly distributed so that the pitch will have consistency of performance over the complete playing area.

De-compaction - Pitches with an infill of sand or sand and rubber, which depend on the infill for performance, find that the infill will compact through time and also use. As the infill compacts, the playing characteristics of the pitch will also deteriorate. A regular regime of de-compaction with specialist machinery will minimise the compaction and enhance the performance.

Corrective Maintenance:

In addition to the regular maintenance of your artificial playing surface, it will be necessary to carry out other non-routine works in order to keep the surface in the best possible condition at all times as well as also extending the life of the surface.

Souters Maintenance Services are able to offer specialist services for problems which can occur in a number of different areas:

Repairs - During the life of a synthetic pitch it is inevitable that synthetic grass repairs will need carrying out, sometimes to the joints of turf sms_machines_013which may come apart with use. Should there be any vandalism to the surface then synthetic grass repairs are simple to rectify and can be carried out with general artificial pitch maintenance. It is important that any repairs are completed as soon as they become apparent. Delaying any such work will not only represent a hazard to users, but can also lead to further deterioration of the surface. Artificial pitch maintenance is also a way to keep track with regards to synthetic grass repairs because inspections can be made regularly when the maintenance is carried out.

Rejuvenation - Where a pitch with infill has been severely contaminated by either a process of neglect and lack of maintenance, or by an external source such as flooding. The infill material can be contaminated to such an extent that the surface drainage is no longer effective and the pitch floods whenever there is a heavy rain shower. The pitch can also be hazardous due to a build up of algae on the surface. In these cases there is little alternative, apart from replacing the carpet than to carry out a "rejuvenation" of the pitch. The process of "rejuvenation" entails removing the infill material and replacing with new material.